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The Wedding


Authentic pictures, relaxed atmosphere, and a personalized experience. Because it really is, not just smiling and receiving pictures, but an experience. And through this process, as I’m able to get to know you, those real pictures start to happen. I truly believe that everyone is capable of getting great and authentic pictures. Let me help make that happen. In order to personalize it to you, I limit how many weddings I take on a year. This allows me to get to know you and give you a good, stress-free experience. So as you’re planning your wedding and considering me as your photographer, I hope you find this page helpful!


Let’s Connect

Send me a message and lets set up a time to talk! I love the personal touch of a face to face meeting, but if that doesn’t work lets make a phone call happen! Both are a great way to talk and get to know each other.

We can talk wedding details, timeline, pricing, questions, everything! And if you think we’re a good fit, yay! We’ll sign a contract and get you booked!

Married in Milwaukee Wedding Photography


Why do I include this? Because it’s so important to me that your experience is personalized to you! I want to know who you are and what you love, and the questionnaire is designed to help me in that. So when it comes to your engagement session and wedding pictures, we really can create pictures that are you.


The Engagement Session

I love engagement sessions! We will find a place that you love and create beautiful pictures of who you are. We will have fun, get great pictures, and no worries if you think you’re not photogenic or awkward! That’s why I’m here; to create not only beautiful pictures, but an atmosphere where you can really be yourself.


Creating your Guest Book

If you chose to add a guest book to your collection, this is when we create it! Using your engagement pictures, we’ll work to create a beautiful guest book that you will love and your guests can’t help flipping through as they find a place to sign. The process is easy and it’s a fun, personal way to display your pictures and remember the people at your wedding.


The Timeline

You don’t need to create this on your own! If you have a wedding planner, that’s awesome! I’d love to connect with them and work together to help your day run smoothly. And if not, I’m here for you! I’m can help you lay out a timeline for your wedding to make sure everything is covered. And as you’re planning, I’m always here to help or answer any wedding questions you have!


Your Wedding

I hope you’re excited! A couple months before your wedding we will connect about all the final details on your wedding. This includes family formals, what’s important to you, and all the rest. So when you’re wedding day comes (yay!) I am ready for everything! You can relax and enjoy your day knowing the pictures are being taken care of. It’s going to be a beautiful day!


Your Pictures

I love getting you your pictures! Withing a week of your wedding I’ll have a sneak peak for you to enjoy and share with friends and family. And shortly after you’ll receive your pictures! You’ll not only receive the digitals of your images, you’ll also receive a client gallery. It’s a great way to print and share your pictures with whoever you want!


Your Album

 It is so important to me that you walk away with a product that you can love, cherish, and show to future generations! Your first family heirloom. If an album was part of your collection, we will create an album that’s personal to you and tells the story of not only your gorgeous wedding, but the start of your beautiful marriage and life together!



Wedding collections start at $2,400 and are customizable to fit your day. If you want to know more scroll down to start the conversation!

The Conversation!

If you’re looking for someone to tell the story of your day, I’d love to hear from you!  Even if you’re not yet sure what you want, let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit.

 If for some reason you do not get a response (sometime forms like to stop working), please e-mail me at

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