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5 Tips for Beautiful (and Natural) Pictures

I love taking pictures of people! But I get it- it can be stressful! And that’s why I wrote this and why you’re here. Because it doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it can be fun! Wherever you are on the spectrum of excitement, and whether you’re thinking of your wedding, engagement session, or family pictures, hopefully these tips will help you as you step in front of the camera.



If you’re looking at your wedding day- perfect! This is built into the day with your dress, hair and make-up. For anything else (like an engagement session?) pick up that outfit! You know, that outfit that you put on and makes you feel like you can conquer the world! Or at the very least plan a wedding! Maybe it’s a cozy sweater that you love to wear, or a pair of heels you’ve been looking for a reason to put on, or maybe this is a great chance to go out and buy a new outfit or sun dress. Whatever it is, put on that outfit that you feel good and confident wearing. It’s a simple idea, but when you feel confident in who you are, people see that and it comes out in pictures. And lets be honest- you’re pretty amazing!





I get it, sometimes I look at pictures of myself and wonder if everyone else ALSO notices that aspect of me that I’m self-conscious about. And while we’re our own worst critic and they probably don’t, it’s normal to have these concerns. And the best thing you can do is talk to your photographer! If you feel self-conscious about something, feel uncomfortable, or are worried about something specific- tell me! There is no judgement, but if I know how you’re feeling, I can better work to minimize your concerns.



Bride and Groom laughing picture at Frame Park Waukesha



Remember what we talked about in the last point? So often people tell me that they’re not photogenic (honestly- you are!) or that they’re awkward in front of the camera. And my response? “Wonderful!” It’s OK to feel awkward! It’s not every day a camera is in your face, and I get that. Embrace awkward! We will work together to get beautiful pictures of you! And yes, sometimes that includes a couple ‘awkward laughs’. And that’s OK. You are beautiful and are going to walk away with images that show that. So embrace awkward, have fun, and to the next point…





Give yourself time to relax and enjoy this time. Maybe that means getting a drink beforehand, or giving yourself enough time so you don’t feel rushed. Or maybe it means letting go of any worries or stress you have about the pictures (my next point talks about this!). It’s not every day you’re able to get dressed up and have professional pictures taken. Relax, let me take care of the details, and enjoy yourself!



First dance picture, milwaukee wedding photographer



You’re hiring a professional for a reason! It should be someone you connect well with, who has experience, and whose work you love. And because of this, you can trust them! My job is to work with people like you and together create beautiful images. Lighting, location, genuine smiles, posing- anything that’s stressing you out- let me take care of it. You are beautiful and photogenic, and I’m going to help you show that to the world. Leading up to your session you’ll have opportunities to tell me who you are and what you like. So when it comes time for pictures I can help you relax, be yourself, and walk away with amazing images!



My name is Catherine and I’m a  wedding photographer in Milwaukee, WI. I love working with couples, getting to know who they are, and helping that come out in their pictures! If this sounds like what you’re looking for, send me a message! I’d love to hear about the vision for your day!


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