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Quade | A Newborn Runner

Trey and Allison are not only good friends, but Trey coached my husband and I back in college and long before we were married.  Trey had such an impact on my life as he not only coached me to be a better runner, he taught me that life is more than how well I performed or how much I achieved; that to be excellent is much more about how we live life than what we accomplish.  And I know there are many other athletes that would say the same about both Trey and Allison (a soccer coach)!  Trey and Allison have been such great examples to college students, and while cross country runners and soccer players may argue over what sport Quade will play, no one doubts that this little guy has some of the most caring, and loving parents he could ask for!  Thank you for letting me photograph your newborn runner…I mean son.  Congratulations to you both :)

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I’m a wedding, couple, family, and newborn photographer based out of Minnesota.  I travel all over Minnesota and Wisconsin photographing beautiful people and the precious moments in their lives.  I capture the real moments in a unique and artful way.  Send me a message to find out more, I’d love to chat!

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