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Scott & Jill | Minnesota Farm Wedding

Scott and Jill had a beautiful Minnesota farm wedding, complete with a red barn, a family built ceremony backdrop, and a goat named Daisy!  It was  beautiful, unique wedding!  I even found a frog to place in one of the ring pictures!  It took some time to get him to stay- but he sat on a beautiful box made of wood used to carry the rings (it was also the same box Scott used to propose).  But better than all of those things- the ceremony was held at Jill’s parent’s farm.  The very same farm that her parents got married on years before!  All of it made a perfect backdrop for this beautiful day.  From getting ready at their farm house, to a ceremony by the lake (with a gorgeous orange sunset), to sparkler exit to end the night, I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Thank you so much Scott and Jill for letting me be apart of your wedding!  I loved every minute of it and I’m excited for your marriage ahead!  It will all be beautiful.

Scott and Jill Ellison-12 Scott and Jill Ellison-5 Scott and Jill Ellison-10 Scott and Jill Ellison-15 Scott and Jill Ellison-16 Scott and Jill Ellison-19 Scott and Jill Ellison-30 Scott and Jill Ellison-57Scott and Jill Ellison-41 Scott and Jill Ellison-45 Scott and Jill Ellison-61 Scott and Jill Ellison-69 Scott and Jill Ellison-72 Scott and Jill Ellison-80 Scott and Jill Ellison-81 Scott and Jill Ellison-84 Scott and Jill Ellison-85 Scott and Jill Ellison-93 Scott and Jill Ellison-110 Scott and Jill Ellison-102 Scott and Jill Ellison-104 Scott and Jill Ellison-112 Scott and Jill Ellison-126 Scott and Jill Ellison-131 Scott and Jill Ellison-254 Scott and Jill Ellison-280Scott and Jill Ellison-295Scott and Jill Ellison-275 Scott and Jill Ellison-301 Scott and Jill Ellison-300  Scott and Jill Ellison-313 Scott and Jill Ellison-314 Scott and Jill Ellison-324 Scott and Jill Ellison-329 Scott and Jill Ellison-357 Scott and Jill Ellison-362 Scott and Jill Ellison-374 Scott and Jill Ellison-385 Scott and Jill Ellison-390 Scott and Jill Ellison-399 Scott and Jill Ellison-406 Scott and Jill Ellison-434 Scott and Jill Ellison-435 Scott and Jill Ellison-438 Scott and Jill Ellison-471 Scott and Jill Ellison-494 Scott and Jill Ellison-500 Scott and Jill Ellison-504 Scott and Jill Ellison-503 Scott and Jill Ellison-513Scott and Jill Ellison-510  Scott and Jill Ellison-528 Scott and Jill Ellison-541 Scott and Jill Ellison-543 Scott and Jill Ellison-545 Scott and Jill Ellison-547 Scott and Jill Ellison-550 Scott and Jill Ellison-551 Scott and Jill Ellison-552 Scott and Jill Ellison-562 Scott and Jill Ellison-574 Scott and Jill Ellison-575 Scott and Jill Ellison-578


My name is Catherine and I’m a Duluth, MN wedding photographer.  I travel all around Minnesota (and the Midwest) photographing beautiful weddings like this one.  Contact me if you’re getting married and want to chat!  I spend the day capturing the real moments in unique and artful ways.

  • Cindi Ulrich

    Lovely!! Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful day! Congratulations to you!

    July, 2015 at 9:09 am Reply

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