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Justin and Heather | St. Cloud Wedding

Justin and Heather had such a fun, beautiful Minnesota wedding!  With barefoot shoes, superhero cuff links, and a wine bottle as a unity display, this wedding was unique and wonderful!  Justin and Heather got married in a beautiful outdoor location complete with a tree surrounded lake as a backdrop.  Pictures were taken under a beautiful willow tree and in the perfect golden hour.  The reception followed at The Grand’s at Mulligans.  And this bridal party knows how to have fun!  Between the garter toss, DJ Black, and the enthusiastic dancing of the bridal party (I think they know what I mean), this reception was lacking nothing!  But my favorite moment was the dance between the bride and groom- a sweet moment between the two of them.  Justin and Heather- thank you for letting me be apart of your day!  Everything about it was beautiful and congratulations on starting your marriage together!

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I’m a Duluth, Minnesota wedding photographer who travels all over the Midwest photographing unique and beautiful weddings like this once.  I spend my time photographing the real moments of your day in a unique and artful way.  If you’re getting married or just want to see more contact me!  I love hearing from brides!

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